Alloy Wheel Refurbishment & Repair

One of the popular activity among car enthusiasts is alloy wheel refurbishment, a procedure that makes old rims look as if they are new. Car owners of other cities, including Birmingham use this process to save cash required to purchase new rims by making the old ones reusable. However, this does not imply that the refurbishment process is cheap. 

The majority of alloy wheels are painted. They start looking bad due to the scratches that form on them due to normal wear and tear while driving on the road. If you have any doubts, remove the wheels from your car and check if they have deep gouges that will require filling. You can determine this by checking the areas from which the paint has been stripped.  You can use soft putty to fill smaller scratches. Most people prefer to take the DIY route (do it yourself), and end up making the wheel look worse than before. It is why you should always trust a professional for the job. Although Birmingham boasts of many companies that declare that, they do professional alloy wheel refurbishment birmingham jobs, unqualified people who lack the expertise and the equipment required for the job run most such repair shops. Look no further than The Wheel Specialist if you want the best alloy repair jobs in Birmingham UK.

The best you can get

The Wheel Specialist uses several processes to make your wheels appear as if they are new. For refurbishing of the entire wheel, they use a combination of powder coating and wet spray. They use this process to return the wheel to its original finish or for total colour changes. They use this method when the damage covers a large percentage of the wheel or is too severe to be fixed by cosmetic repair. Unlike other shops, this company refurbishes the entire wheel that needs special equipment and ovens to remove old paint coatings. Once this process is over, the specialist repair corrosion and damage and applies a completely new finish to the wheel. Not only does it make the wheel more durable, it gives them an exceptional finish. They use the same process for diamond cut wheel but include a diamond cut lathe that removes a micro portion of the alloy. To give the wheel the classic diamond cut finish.

The cosmetic process

If the wheels of your car are not damaged too much, the specialists will opt for the SMART or cosmetic repair. In such a process, they use localised repair to a tiny damaged area of the wheel finish. The professionals at The Wheel Specialist take care to see that they match the existing colour of the wheel when applying paint after completing the repair job.


The total time takes to refurbish your car's wheel depends on the severity of the damage. In case of extensive damage, the specialists have to sand the wheel's surface a couple of time with different grades of sandpaper after filling the gouges and the scratches to make the surface consistent as well as smooth. In case of minor scratches, you can expect to get your wheel back in a day or two. Why do you not contact the Birmingham wheel refurbishment professionals today?